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With the CIPC constantly upgrading its services, it now takes 24 hours for a company registration process to be complete in South Africa.

The basic requirements for a company in South Africa are:

  1. ID (South African barcoded ID documents, certified and scanned).
  2. Email address (es)- please note that if there are 2 directors or more; email addresses should be different for each director.
  3. Cellphone number(s)- also should be different for each director.
  4. The physical address of the individuals (directors) and the company.
  5. Postal address of the individuals (directors) and the company.

No, CC’s or Close Corporations may no longer be registered in South Africa. With the introduction of the new Companies Act (Act 71 of 2008); registration of CC’s was phased out in the year 2011. 

No, a (Pty) Ltd (private company) can not be converted to a CC anymore. However, a CC may be converted to a private company.

It must also be noted that when a CC is converted, the registration number of that CC as on the CK document changes to the current date/number/07.

If, for example, the CC registration number as it appears on the CK document was 1999/012345/23; once converted to a Pty Ltd will change to 2020/321056/07. 

CC stands for Close Corporation.

It is a legally identified entity in South Africa that is run by natural persons; who are called members. It is registered at CIPC.

PTY Ltd stands for Proprietary Limited.

It is a legal entity in South Africa that is also commonly known as a company or private company. It is registered at CIPC.

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