Online CIDB Registration (2021)

We will provide the step by step process here and help you get started registering a company in the shortest time possible

Online CIDB Registration (2021)

We will provide the step by step process here and help you get started registering a company in the shortest time possible

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Online CIDB Registration

Online CIDB registrations in 2021 in a few easy steps

Table of Contents

Are you looking to register or learn more about CIDB registration? Well, you are in the right place lets get started!!!

If you are an entrepreneur who plans to work for or apply for tenders in public facilities construction you definitely need to register for CIDB. 

This process is relatively easy and we do it for you at affordable rates in the shortest time possible. 

What is CIDB?

CIDB stands for Construction & Industry Development Board. Its an agency responsible for grading the ability of companies to handle construction tenders. It grades them from grade 1 (which is entry-level) to grade 9 (the highest level).

These grades depend on a number of issues. They include previous experience, financial ability, size of the workforce among others. 

CIDB Registration Requirements

What do I need to register for CIDB? Or what are the registration requirements for CIDB in 2021? 

Well, we have summarized the registration requirements for grades 1 to 9 in a simplified manner. Alternatively, get in touch with us here and a specialized consultant will take you through them in detail. 

Remember, the CIDB categorizes construction companies in terms of grades and classes of work based on the history of their construction projects (Works Capability) as well as their Revenue & Net Assets Value (Financial Capability).

Companies that don’t have a track record or a net worth can still register for the entry-level CIDB grade 1, however, they can only bid for government projects up to the value of R 130,000.

Companies that have a history of construction projects can register for grades 2 and higher and bid for larger government construction tenders.

Application Documents.

Importantly, you need the following documents for registering for CIDB Grades 1 to 9. 

  1. Application Form CIDB
  2. CK/CM company registration certificate
  3. Tax Clearance Certificate
  4. Proof of payment (See CIDB banking details)
  5. ID Copies
  6. Shareholder’s certificate
  7. Completion Certificate
  8. Project Contract/Subcontractor Joint Venture Agreement
  9. Bank Statements
  10. Annual Financial Statements

If you don’t have some of the documents on this list, don’t worry. We will help you with that as well. 

Share Certificate.

The Companies incorporated as close corporations don’t require to submit a share certificate.

However, public & privately incorporated companies, whose titles end with (PTY) or (Inc), require to submit a certified shareholder’s certificate date stamped within 3 months.

If you don’t have a shareholder’s certificate, we shall assist you in this regard.

Electrical Certificate.

Additionally, you require the electrical contractor’s certificate when applying for the electrical class of works (E.B only).

It applies to all grades from Grade 1 to 9. It can be got from the department of labor. We can assist in getting you one within 2 days.

To get an electrical contractor’s certificate, please indicate so on the application form when applying for this CIDB class of works with us.

Who must register with CIDB in South Africa

Naturally, you might be asking yourself, who exactly must register with the CIDB?  We did allude to it earlier. 

Anyone who wishes to bid for a government construction tender must be registered with the board. 

Depending on the value as well as the type of government construction project, companies can register for the various grades as well as classes dependent on their financial & works capability scores.

CSD Registration.

Now, we are sure if you have done your research properly you have come across this acronym: CSD. What does CSD stand for? It stands for Central Supplier’s Database. 

All companies wishing to bid for government construction tenders must be registered at the government’s central supplier’s database & have a valid CSD registration summary report that is compliant in all aspects.

If you haven’t registered with the CSD we can help you in this regard, simply indicate so on the application form.

CIDB Registration Fees 2021.

CIDB registration fees range from R R900 to R 59,500 depending on the grade you are applying for. They include the application as well as the annual fees payable upon registration.

R900 (Grade 1),
R1,250 (Grade 2),
R1,550 (Grade 3),
R2,000 (Grade 4),
R3,000 (Grade 5),
R5,000 (Grade 6),
R10,500 (Grade 7),
R32,000 (Grade 8),
R59,500 (Grade 9),

NB: Prices include registration & annual fees.

Financial Statements.

Of importance to note, you require financial Statements for applications of grades 3 & higher. The CIDB needs them to determine your financial capability.

A registered auditor in good standing with the IRBA or SAICA needs to signs them off.

Ours is a registered firm in good standing with both bodies & can assist you with the preparation of financial statements as required by the CIDB.

The board requires financial statements to qualify you for the financial capability score.

Financial Capability.

Financial Capability refers to the company’s financial abilities to carry out future construction projects based on the company’s best latest historical annual revenue figures in conjunction with the net assets value.

Think of this as your stamina measure. Can your company handle certain types of projects especially ones you are applying for? 

For this reason, the latest set of financial statements are required by the CIDB.

Works Capability

Works capability is measured based on the single largest construction project ever carried out by your construction company within the past 5 years. It is used for assessment for applications of grades 2 & higher.

The board will look at the value range of your historical construction projects carried out in order to determine the CIDB level. Thus, it does help to ensure your work is excellent. It’ll reflect on your ability to handle future projects. 

For example, for grade 1, the works capability is none. However, for grade 2, the required works capability must have been a construction project performed by your company for a value of not less than R 130,000.

CIDB Application Forms.

Let’s go over the CIDB application forms. Two (2) application forms are issued by the board. These depend on the grade you are applying for. 

The application form for grade 1 is completely different from the application form for grades 2 & higher.

CIDB Financial Sponsorships

It is possible to get someone or another entity to avail funds for the project to you. This is called financial sponsorship.

In layman’s terms, financial sponsorship is a cash guarantee or capital resource available to your company by a third party to carry out potential future construction projects.

Financial sponsorship is used to boost a contractor’s financial capability score. Thus qualifying for a higher CIDB grading than they would have qualified for, had they not applied the financial sponsorship in the first place.

How long does it take to get a CIDB certificate?

You now might be wondering how long does it take for CIDB online registration? 

Between 1 to 21 working days dependent on the grade applied for. For grade 1, it will take about 1 to 3 days, however, for the remainder of the other grades, it will normally take 21 days. Some applications can be shorter than even the 21 working days. Grade 1, which is entry-level, is faster. 

CIDB Registration Process.

In essence, the CIDB registration process starts off with the collection of the required application documents, determining the grade for which you qualify, completing the correct application form as well as submitting it in person to the construction & industry development board.

We facilitate the entire process regardless of which grade you are applying for. To assist you with your application, please fill in our online application form and we shall take it from there.

These are steps we take. 

(1) CIDB Level 1 Registration. 

We visit CIDB’s offices on your behalf to complete the correct forms, wait in the lines, meet with an official and make sure that your CIDB Registration is successful. We thus act as the facilitators of this process. Time Frame: 5 – 7 working days ( Very important – time frame starts once all the required documents have been received)

(2) Consultation from your own dedicated, PERSONAL Consultant.

Your dedicated consultant will call you within 3 working hours once you have completed the Online Registration Form. Should you, therefore, have any questions or should the process be unclear, please do not hesitate to mention all your concerns during the FREE Consultation.

CIDB Certificate check.

You can login to our dashboard and check for the progress of your Certificate

So, What is a CIDB Certificate?

In rounding up, a CIDB certificate is a certificate issued by the Construction & Industry Development Board to certify a construction company’s capacity to carry out a specific government construction tender.

The certificate determines the type of construction project as well as the value that a company can bid for in a government construction tender

Advantages of being registered with CIDB

There are a number of benefits to being registered with the CIDB. Below are and of them. 

  •  Construction contracts and tenders. When your company is registered and graded by the CIDB, it qualifies to start doing contract work and apply for tenders.
  • Database listing. Registered companies can also use the i-Tender service for FREE. The i-Tender service automatically alerts registered contractors of database-listing tender opportunities by email and sms. Tenders are also displayed on the “CIDB Register of Projects / Tenders Page”.
  • You get to build a rapporteur with the agency and the contractors. Everyone wants to work with trustworthy companies. A company graded gives a sense of authenticity to your ability to handle projects. 

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